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Our trademark-trumps-all friend Trademork just let us know that the General's gone and on November 5th trademarked a new name for "motor land vehicles, namely automobiles, sport utility vehicles, trucks and vans." The name? Well, it's called the "Vapor" and we're guessing it'll be a concept car of some sort. We're also thinking it'll be an SUV form factor and have something to do with the E-Flex platform and we're even thinking it may be a surprise reveal either here at the LA Auto Show or maybe for the Detroit Auto Show. Or it could be nothing of the sort and we're doing nothing but guessing here. What do you think? We've included a helpful list of possible brands below the jump. Personally we're going with either a "Chevy Vapor" as "Vauxhall Vapor" won't work without the V-named brand.

Buick Vapor
Cadillac Vapor
Chevrolet Vapor
GMC Vapor
Hummer Vapor
Pontiac Vapor
Saturn Vapor
Saab Vapor