We can once again thank reader Kitt for having her camera ready when she spotted another interesting street-parked Denver machine, in this case a fairly rare Porsche 944 cabriolet. Since the convertible was only made for two years, it's either a '90 or '91 944S; Porsche maniacs, please to use the German precision to tell us this automobile's exact model year.

We dig the Deutschified emblems boasting of the engine's 16 valves (I believe the literal translation is "16-Valver"); why don't the Japanese do the same with their cars' cool features and use Kanji characters on their emblems?

The interior is in excellent condition, which means the car hasn't spent too many days exposed to the fierce sun in the Mile High City.

All in all, a great-looking car. You can get a 944 pretty cheap these days, too... but better start saving your pfennigs for the timing-belt replacement. Or any maintenance, for that matter.