As much as we'd give our left one for motorsports, others consider racing the ultimate antisocial activity. Its consumptive attitude toward fossil fuels and laissez-faire emissions standards set the pick in that regard. But following the FIA's lead, some of the world's designers and engineers — and the companies that employ them — are setting off to redefine the formula car sans dino juice. While the F1 fields plans for more hybrid-drive systems on Grand Prix tracks, Kumho tires has its own vision. Kumho could be the only tire company with a dedicated car designer on staff, and he — Rob Dolton — came up with a forward-looking prototype for a green race car. Its called the Epoch, and it combines a body made from bamboo with an interior of recycled tires (natch) and in-wheel electric motors. It doesn't quite have the panache of a late-'60s Lola, but it'll do for 20-30 years in the future. [Car Body Design]