Looks like the lawyers may have gotten to the auction of Lindsay Lohan's former 2005 Mercedes SL65. The original eBay auction for the dinged up and now apparently fixed Mercedes was very clear as to the pedigree of the former owner. Mysteriously the car was pulled down from auction a couple of days after we reported on it, but It would now seem the seller has re-posted the item — only this time it's been wiped of all traces of the LiLo stain. No word on whether it's now been wrapped in one of those "sanitized for your protection" wrappers often found at budget motels, although perhaps that would decrease the value for the true collectors out there. One thing's for sure, our sources are telling us the seller remains true to their commentary the coke-sprinkled vehicle at auction is the former property of the celebutard — and we'll continue to stick by our "Cokeat Emptor" issued before. (Hat tip to Paul and Dave!) [eBay]