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Wait, we thought Saturn was the new Opel. Apparently, according to Automotive News sources, Chevy's going to be getting a seven-seater minivan in 2009 based on the Opel Zafira. Apparently this new vehicle, alluded to in the UAW contract leakage of a couple months ago, will be built at GM's Hamtramck plant. This new automotive venture will replace the death of Chevy's last minivan, the Venture. But there's more:

"According to a source familiar with the program, the vehicle also will be sold in the United States. It will be boxier and more masculine than the sleek Zafira, with a unique interior.

The vehicle will be priced from the high $20,000s to the low $30,000s, and Saturn might get a version exported from Europe, a second knowledgeable source says. "It could be for Saturn, but the first product is for Chevrolet," the source says."

Phew, at least Saturn won't be ignored by Opel.