We'e seen a Porsche 912 and a couple of 911s in this series, but it's taken me until now to find a 928 parked down on Alameda's street. So here we go- a Fantasy Garage/DOTS combo!

Since this is an '84, it was probably purchased in '83, meaning there's a good chance it was paid for with ill-gotten S&L skim. The 928 was a common reward for bent mid-level S&L personnel back in the day. Always good to have some history in a car!

Porsche got all sci-fi-movie futuristic with the emblem by this point; sure, the 928 looks a bit dated, but its performance measures up quite well when compared to today's machinery. Of course, the $50K price tag on the 1984 928S equates to about $97K today, so you figure you got what you paid for.

I found this car parked on a little side street on Alameda's East End. Who knows what other surprises lurk on such streets? I haven't checked them all, and new cars show up all the time. Maybe there's a Tatra in this town!

This example is in very nice condition, and it parks on the street every day. Ned must be very proud of it.

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