Modify Your Town For The Honda 600!

Yes, Honda actually had to advertise their incredible 1971 600; apparently the lure of an air-cooled two-cylinder motorcycle engine powering a car approximately half the size of a typical American sedan just wasn't enough to make buyers stampede Honda's showrooms. The claim of 40MPG seems somewhat pessimistic, given that much larger Civics got 40 on the highway a few years later.


@Tanshanomi: man, they were! Pop bought one circa 1983 from a local judge (!) and my brother learned to drive in it.

I can say with certainty that a 600 Z coupe will:

1) fit a full size (not pony) keg in the hatch

2) will hit 93 mph with said keg and 2 people in car

3) not survive bouncing off a tree.

Fortunately, the meeting with tree was not connected with 1) or 2); said tree was in our own front yard.

Also, the seal on the rear hatch glass failed 99.9% of the time and most examples today sport plexi replacements, as once the seal goes, the very next time you pull away from a stop (or encounter a stiff wind with windows down) out she blows!