Teen Outruns German Police In Go-Kart

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German police are saying it was their cars, not their driving skills, that allowed an 18-year-old to outrun them in a go-kart. The teenie-bopper driver led seven squad cars on a 3-mile chase through the city of Moenchengladbach before he lost the fuzz by ducking into an open garage. A spokesman for the department said the kart's superior cornering abilities allowed the driver to get away. However, even superior driving skills are no match for basic common sense as officers later caught up with the suspect while he was still hiding in the same garage. He's been charged with driving without a license and driving a go-kart on a public street, which is against the law in Germany. Apparently running away from police is not an illegal activity in Deutschland. Who knew? [Reuters]

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Brian, The Life of


Growing up in the high desert of So Cal, my friends and I did a *lot* of dirt biking, even though it was illegal (damn Desert Tortoises!). The LA County Sheriff Dept. was our local constabulary, and they had "issues" with our antics.

First they tried chasing us on dirt bikes. Keep in mind they were not motorcycle cops, let alone had no clue of dirt riding. They could not touch us. Next they tried Honda Odysseys (not the mini van, the personal dune buggy thing). We quite literally rode circles around them, pointing and laughing.

They next employed their Bell 47 whirlybird in Operation Get Those Little Bastards. When they actually altered their regularly scheduled circuit around the valley and caught us unawares, we would all bail in different directions leaving my buddy's little brother to act like was respecting their authori-tay. Once they landed an got out, Rick would take off (he was #2 in the country in 80cc class at the time). By the time they Po-Po were back in the air, he was gone baby gone.

We never got caught. Good times.