SEMA 2007: We Spend Time With Jerome Williams And His CEO Edition Buick Enclave

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We sat down with former NBA All-Star player Jerome Williams to talk about his new "Urban CEO Edition" Buick Enclave he's unveiling live here in Vegas later tonight. So here's the skinny — Williams was approached by the General to help create this one-of-a-kind "Mad Dog" but according to him he "didn't have to do much to the 'clave, as it's already so fly." We do like one thing in particular about his blinded-by-the-white Buick and that's the low form-factor on the satellite dish atop the new Lambda crossover from the General. Not too shabby of an aftermarket job if you ask us — you barely notice it. And hey, the brushed chrome doesn't look too bad either. Can we get it in black? More to come later.



Ugh, another useless Buick. And what the hell is an Urban CEO anyway?