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SEMA 2007: Good Eats at the GM Reveal Event

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Part of the fun of covering automotive events is that, after a long day of running around, we get to eat free food. Heck, some of us can pack in three dinners in one night and still come back for dessert (yes Ray, I'm talking about you). We particularly scored tonight. Full report after the jump.


After dining on crab legs, lobster tail, prawns, and beef tenderloin at a Ford event at the Venetian, we headed over to GM's reveal event at the Wynn. After sampling some re-warmed reveals like the Cobalt SS and HHR Panel SS, we crowded around the myriad buffet tables heaping with everything from cote de boeuf (that's roast beef in English, y'all) to chocolate tacos. (Ed. — why didn't anyone tell me there were chocolate tacos?!) There was even a build-your-own ice cream sundae station.


Now, guys probably don't think about this kind of stuff, but it's a tough job resisting all those calories. Some of us need to watch our girlish figures. Lots of free food and booze plus no time for the gym can equal a very large rear end. After all, Murilee used to look pretty girlish her himself.

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I was wondering were GM's R&D budget went.