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Although AAA of California is reporting some drivers are now paying $4 a gallon for regular unleaded gasoline, local Cali station KSBW found gas stations in Gorda, south of Big Sur, currently charging $5 per gallon for gas. While that's obviously an isolated occurrence, the average price is getting pretty high up the cost meter. For instance in Salinas, AAA recorded an average of $3.39 per gallon. Santa Cruz is at an average of $3.37 per gallon. Yes, the gas prices in California are always higher than elsewhere in the country, but this is getting ridiculous. Something must be done! Oh, Toyota — please come and save us. If they only could get every individual in the United States to drive a Prius — then all we'd have to worry about is cows farting. Also, we'd be living in a fantasy. (Hat tip to SwatLax!) [via KSBW]