SEMA 2007: Purevision Gran Torino

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While we could not locate Steve Strope the man at the SEMA, we did find his 1972 Ford Gran Torino. The latest from Purevision packs a 514 cubic inch Ford crate engine and a 4-speed top loader backed by a Gear Vendors overdrive that translates four into eight speeds. The heavy rides on Bonspeed wheels sized at a mere 20X12 out back and 18X8 in front. The wheel size stagger accentuates the already pronounced space-age '70s Torino swagger. An Art Morrison four link holds everything together underneath the slope of the sportroof. Look closely and Strope himself can be seen in shorts. The Starsky and Hutch version of the Torino didn't roll here or in France until 1976. [Purevision Design]

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This is really quite a nice setup. I actually like the 72 body style, and the interior is super nice. And no chrome rims!