SEMA 2007: Turbo Plumbing Bonanza, Part 2

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Turbosmart doesn't manufacture turbochargers directly, but they do make everything else required to plumb together a forced induction system that works - even for sponsored drag cars. This Mustang from Murillo Motorsports packs not just one but two turbos mounted in the trunk. Intakes for the watermelon-sized hair dryers poke through the rear quarters. Boost travels up to the passenger seat mounted water-to-air intercooler, through the dash, and down an elbow into the engine. The car is being built to run into the 6-second zone, and is reported to twist out 3000 horsepower. The blow off valves, external wastegates, and electronic boost controllers just like the one in the Mustang were also super bitchen. [] [Turbosmart]

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

"Only in Texas"

Bet you its street legal too, and has cupholders... somewhere