Flaming Flying Squirrel Torches New Jersey Woman's Camry

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This image was lost some time after publication.

No, seriously. Here's what the Register had to say:

"A New Jersey woman's Toyota Camry last week suffered a sciurine kamikaze attack during which a flaming squirrel fell onto the vehicle, slid into the engine compartment and provoked an explosion which destroyed the parked vehicle, the Jersey Journal reports.

Lindsey Millar, 23, and bruv Tony, 22, were at home in Bayonne last Wednesday lunchtime when the incident occurred. The animal had apparently decided it was a really good move to chew through overhead powerlines directly above the motor, and was duly fried for its trouble.

Tony Millar explained: "The squirrel chewed through the wire, was set on fire, fell down directly to where the car was. The squirrel, on fire, slid into the engine compartment and blew up the car.

He added: "They're always coming around here, chewing through the garbage."

Luckily the owner of the Camry was "fully insured for incendiary squirrel strike." Where do we sign up for that particular level of coverage? [via The Register]


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@SRekauqh: Your parents are infested with them? Is that kind of like crabs? ;-)