Team Fish Out Of Water Tells Their LeMons Story

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It turns out quite a few of our readers were participants in the most recent 24 Hours of LeMons race at Altamont, and their stories keep coming in. Today we're going to hear from regular reader A.U.B.I.E., who was a member of Team Fish Out Of Water. Fish Out Of Water's Porsche 944 finished in 32nd place, and we'll let A.U.B.I.E. tell the rest of the story in his own words after the jump.

I was one of the drivers of #48, Fish out of Water. Regular Jalopnik reader, loved the coverage and just sent it to everyone. Just so you know ours was a $300 car with zero work on it, save the stripping and a cage. Purchased for $900, sold the Fuchs for $600. If we manage to run it next year we'll have to find a couple hundred dollars of bolt-ons. ;-)
Random comments:
1) It was a blast. I would have been terrified if I wasn't laughing the whole time.
2) #18 (car 03) was next to us in the pits. I think they bolted in a supercharger post-tech and hooked the PVC to get more air in there
but I'm not completely sure. They were kind enough to let me use their air compressor. The all-season radials we ran day 2 had been sitting on the shelf in the 20psi range. Oh, yeah, and 10 minutes before the green flag one of their drivers said into his cell phone: "I'm about to be a race driver!"
3) #20 (car 1) was using Michelin Pilot race tires in the front.
4) #24 (car 32) in the mud was a lesson for us, as well as entertainment.
5) I had #40 (that green CRX) behind me for a few laps on Sunday. He finally got around me because I hit traffic. I tucked in behind him on one of the banked turns after we split the rolling chicane and he shook his fist at me. I suppose that's the ultimate sign of respect from another driver.
And a good time was had by all.

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My car (#3 Saab) was lucky enough to get stuck in the mud too. I took over driving duties right after it got pulled out of the slop.

The front end had a horrible vibration and I thought a CV axle was going to let go (again - already happened once earlier). But I just lived with it and had a nice hand massage through the steering wheel. That is until I hit the brakes to make the left just before the starter's stand and found I had no brake pedal!

Limped it to the pits and found the inside of the wheel caked with mud, which eventually damaged the line going to the RF caliper. Our mechanic once again scavenged a part off his own personal car, and 10 mins later I was on the road again with four new tires (wee, no more constant understeer around the banking!).

Good times.