Commenter of the Day: Self-Congratulatory Edition

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We work hard. Davey and I are up until all hours of the night screaming at each other over Ferrari 308s (no, really). Murilee spends the bulk of her his free time wandering the streets of Alameda stalking fresh models. Bumbeck calls me every weekend about some French/Italian or Japanese car show/drag race he's photographing. Wert has stopped sleeping entirely and Spin hasn't called his mother for weeks. So, when our smart, fit and sexy readers douse us with a modicum of praise, we're going to crow about it.


Today's winning Commenter comes from our admittedly bizarre-ass QOTD that asks which is the better car, a Ferrari or a Citroen? Realizing the gravity of the situation, what the question is actually asking once all the layers of metaphor have been peeled back, Mrb00st remarks:

i like that the vote is almost tied between a ferrari and an old french sedan. This is why this is the only good automotive site on the web pretty much.


We like it, too. We're not saying we're better than Autoblog, just that we were toilet trained before the age of 14.

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Paul Y. requires regruntling

I like Autoblog for the actual industry news, but I actually participate here because it's fun, and something of a circle-jerk of nerdy car trivia. Proving my point: posts about a quirky European sedans from the 1960s turn into a lengthy discussion on the merits and hellishness-of-ownership of the given vehicle. See: today's DOTS and QOTD.

Excellent choice for COTD.