The New Switcheroo: Electrical Chameleon Paint Changes Color

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We've been hearing about this kind of thing since the mid-80s, but it appears an actual color-shift system could be in place by early next decade, reports World Car Fans. It's the next step from Nissan's self-healing paint, a paramagnetic paint system that can change color from a default of white to a range of shades. It's a polymer-based substance containing tiny iron oxide particles that can be manipulated by an electric current. Doing so adjusts the distance between the particles, altering the wavelength of visible light, and thus the color shade. It's good news for small cars, which will soon be able to blend in with their surroundings so they're not eaten by birds, a growing insurance liability issue. [World Car Finns]

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Sweet, now we can recreate the opening scenes of Cannonball Run with the Lambo... but in a Nissan. Hmm. Who would we choose to pull the license out of their cleavage?