Adventures in Turbocharging

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We're not sure if this guy is a comedic genius, or has more than a few intake manifold bolts coming loose. The poster surmises that since turbochargers are at best 80% efficient, channeling engine exhaust directly back into the engine would be good for moar power. If anyone has a v-band clamp that will bolt an exhaust header directly up to a Corvette cross fire injection intake please let him know. He also seems concerned about the correct pinion angle given all that potential horsepower. [Direct Exhaust Injection via Nebraska GM Modern Muscle]

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Oh man, that's classic. I've spent years working computer help desk and that's up there with some of the best I've ever heard.

My personal favorite was the woman who called because her bank PIN and her company secret code were the same and she wanted to report that the ATM wouldn't give her any money. She was pissed when I told her she'd have to call the bank instead because obviously the ATM and clinical system are connected. They have the same password. Comedy gold.