2009 Dodge Ram Quad Cab

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Looks like yet another enterprising amateur spy photographer's happened upon a heavily camouflaged 2009 Dodge Ram hitting the wide open expanses of I-75. We'll just add these shots we received from user "fordchevydodge" on the site all about the Inside News at GM to the ever-expanding list of horned hauler shots we've already seen. This time however, instead of circling the Auburn Hills Embassy Suites, this uncastrated male sheep was caught a little further South. This Quad Cab version of the Dodge heavy hauler was part of what appears to be a convoy (or is it a pride) of the trucks running the Michigan-Florida gauntlet. These particular shots show the team (or is it a pack) heading North near Atlanta. The new-for-2009 Ram's expected to be running with a few different upgrades under the hood including a new Phoenix V6 with supposedly greater power and better fuel economy, a 4.7-liter V8 or a revised Hemi — for more marketing mojo than ever before. We're expecting we'll probably see the new range of trucks grabbing life by the horns at the Chicago Auto Show at the beginning of next year.

[via GMInsideNews]




Maybe they haul around large bales of hay! Gosh, you act as if hauling around goods from the mall isn't hard work. Shame on you! It's clearly evident these vehicles were designed to ferry annoying kids to soccer matches in the suburban deep south. I heard Chrysler is hard at work at making the vehicle accessible with heels and so well ergonomically engineered the owner won't break a nail opening the door. Tsk, tsk, sounds like a work truck to me.