Commenter(s) of the Day: Beer and a Shot Edition

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I'm a total beer geek. In my wallet I have a card proving that I'm a "Certified" beer judge. I had to take a 3-hour essay exam where among other things I compared and contrasted four beer styles with starting gravities above 1.080 and provided example recipes for each. I actually make money lecturing about hombrewing — which I've been doing since I was 18 — at universities around Southern California. I have over 800 bottles of beer in my cellar including what many consider to be the holy grail of the beer world, Westvleteren 12, that a friend hand carried back from Belgium for me. I mention all this because sometimes, even an uber snob like me can from time to time appreciate life's simpler things, like a beer and a shot. It's hard to explain how sad I was when I learned that Chicago's Alcohol Abuse Center (that really was the name of the bar) shuttered their doors because it meant I could no longer partake of their standing order — two Old Styles and two Beams for $7. Jump.

So far we have seriously resisted the urge to have more than one winning Commenter. However, as their were two of you who made us spit Naked Antioxidant (it's a juice) all over the place, we're breaking our own rule. Hey man, it's for the sake of comedy. First up is Burglar weighing in with his opinion of NASCAR's sportiness:

It's "The Young and the Restless" for dudes. With mullets.

Sure, kinda easy. But comedy gold is comedy gold. Am I wrong? And second, but tied for first, is the always quotable Danio3834. Being a 51st-stater himself, Danio actually had much to say about Jeremy Clarkson's Canadian minivan holiday, but we're just going to cherry pick the choicest line:

The only thing we have to do up here during the winter is have orgasms in our igloos.


Fishing trips, my foot.

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burglar can't heart click anything

Ha, I walked into my buddy's place the other day with a sixer of Hoegaarden and a sixer of PBR. You know, for balance.

Thanks for the (shared) COTD honors. I'll stop complaining about the 928 from now on.