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Ze Germans Make Ze Best Car Models: VW Golf Variant RaVE 270 Concept

Illustration for article titled Ze Germans Make Ze Best Car Models: VW Golf Variant RaVE 270 Concept

Volkswagen debuted their VW Golf Variant RaVe 270 Concept at the Essen Motor Show today, which is great and all. We do love the fast grocery getters, and this one is tricked out to R32 levels with an assortment of goodies. But how do you top that model? First, you've got that great Miami Vice meets Berlin Gay Disco pantsuit.


And the hair! It's as if they made her stick her head of out of the passenger side of an R8 while they did laps around the Nurburgring. "Ja, Deiter, she does not look like she's going fast. Zis is a VeeDub, she must look fast!" But the best part is that facial expression. She hates you and she doesn't care to conceal it anymore. You've spent to many nights out with your friends, drinking Warsteiner and drooling over the fraulines. She's done with you. She's gone. And she's got just the ride to put the most autobahn between you and her. [World Car Fans]

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Is it me of have like 85% of the post the last few days been from Matt Hardigee? Is everyone else slacking off or is his girlfriend out of town and has nothing better to do?