Tony La Russa Not Convincing in Field Sobriety Tests

Both Jalopnik and sister site Deadspin covered news of Cardinals manager Tony La Russa being a sleepy drunk driver back in March, but now we can see the video evidence. On November 28th, prosecutors in the case finally released the video from the cruiser and booking proceedings. Frankly, we're surprised that Mr. La Russa was able to walk a straight-ish line, hold up his foot for five-ish seconds, and recite the alphabet (ABCDEFGHIJKLMIZMNOPPQRSTUVZTVXYXZ) after two whole glasses of wine and a 6 a.m. wake up call. What kind of asshole restaurant serves wine that shoots you past 0.092 BAC after only two glasses anyway? We love that Ford product placement at the beginning too. Those viral marketers are clever ones.

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The scary part is that at least here in Indiana, you had to be worse than THAT to be legally drunk! (.10 BAC) until they dropped it to .08 a few years back. I've been pretty tanked, I thought, but I never forgot the freakin' alphabet! Hell, isn't the cornerstone of our ability to communicate?