Jalopnik Holiday Gift Guide: Racing Stopwatch

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That egg timer you got from Target may look sweet on the dash of your old Datsun 510 when you go solo-crossing with your buddies, but it's probably not the best way to measure your lap times and the lap times of your buddies. That's where a good stopwatch comes in handy. On the low-end, most stop watches will let you keep track of multiple lap times across a single or double display. On the high end is the MultiChron, which allows you to record up to 99 laps for four different racers. It's rugged, good looking and at $145 is more than a stocking stuffer. Product details below:

MultiChron Stopwatch

The MultiChron stopwatch is a versatile hand-held digital lap timer that tracks up to four different racers simultaneously. Its generous memory lets you quickly see best laps and scroll through all of the laps to review the race, up to 99 laps per driver. But we didn't stop there - you can also have up to 9 splits per competitor, per lap.

The MultiChron stopwatch features 2 different starting modes to match a variety of racing situations.

"One Start Mode" allows you to activate the start for all drivers by pressing only one button for races where all drivers start at the same time.


"Multi Start Mode" allows you to activate the timer for each driver independently, for races where drivers start at different times.

Innovative programming allows you to select "Multi-Key" or "One Key" timing modes, depending on the racing situation, making it easy to get accurate times even when your racers are close together at the lap marker.

What's Included?

With a rugged, attractive case, and bright backlight display, the MultiChron stop watch and handheld lap timer will be your new best friend at the track. Priced at $145, the MultiChron includes a neck lanyard, batteries and is available in various colors including Titanium, Black, Yellow, Red (translucent) and Blue (translucent). [AIMSports]

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For a stopwatch, I think that thing is nice.