The Jamaican Bobsled Team Hoons a Fiat Panda

OK, you'll need to suspend some of the ol' disbelief to really enjoy this ad for the '07 Fiat Panda. Don't question why the members of the Jamaican Bobsled Team are howling at some avalanche-prone mountainside in the Italian Alps, or how a Panda manages to negotiate hairpin turns at Maserati-like velocities with four large adults in the car. Just be glad the JBT guys continue to parlay their fame well beyond the 15 minutes we all thought they'd have.


3% chance of Weather and Darkness

Suddenly i have a hankering for a finely tailored shirt and a Facel Vega.

A quite poignant hankering as a matter of fact. Nothing else would do. And i think i have to be driving that red Facel Vega in the snow.

Considering that 3000lb grocery getters can't be the final answer to man's need to move about, what do you folks think about the hypothetical proliferation of Ascari race resort-alikes? Perhaps following closer to the likes of a ski resort; get your season pass and take runs point to point down tail of the dragon?