Match Made in Heaven: Skoda Delivery Fun

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You didn't think we could actually make it through any trip without bringing you local Camino action did you? Here's a bitchin' Skoda Felicia Fun doing its duty as a pizza delivery truck/car in Schesslitz. Way more dignified than the last Fun we brought you. Could there be a better match? Pizza delivery, Camino-ness, fuel economy, plenty of room for cases of bier in the back... it's perfect! There's something so right about that missing hubcap too. Ristorante bei Peppo Skoda-camino driver, today's real Bavarian hero.


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@NOVALOAD: The handle in the back, is so you can ride the bumper like a chariot and fling pizzas the the cheering masses. Charlton Heston used to have one of these, I think.