Latest Technologies Help Rebirth the Radar Detector

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While some may think of the radar detector as no more than thrift shop junk, many companies out there are keeping the products flowing — and those of us with a lead foot happy thanks to the latest technologies making it easier than ever to avoid speed traps. The Valentine One, Escort Passport 9500i, Cobra XRS-R9G and Bel STi Driver are just a handful of the latest generation of radar detectors with the ability to make even a turbo-boosted KITT jealous. Not that it matters as he still ain't boosting with turbo. The Journal all about taking orders from Rupert Murdoch Wall Street has a roundup we've rounded up below the jump.


The Cobra and Escort models are using the latest in global positioning technology to increase the accuracy of radar detection. These new GPS systems better recognize and distinguish between what is really a radar and what is someone's microwave or keyfob. The Cobra even includes a database of red-light cameras linked to its GPS functionality and plans to add other common hazards like construction and school zones.

But the Valentine One is a real goodie. It has two radar detectors and two laser antennas. One of each is always looking forward and one of each is always looking backwards. Twice the fun, ya know?

But the Beltronics Bel STi Driver is apparently the creme de la creme of next generation radar detectors. Beltronics goes as far as claiming that its TotalShield technology will make the driver completely invisible.

Could this bit of a rebirth be thanks to the latest generation of drivers with vehicles already loaded to the gills with gadgets, or maybe it's just for the thrill of the drive?

Regardless, new technology that increases range and sensitivity of these devices is doing nothing but helping the industry previously on its last breath and giving those drivers a bit of the edge needed to speed and get away with it. [WSJ]


I've got a Bel RX65 (it was second to the V1 in reviews at the time of purchase) and as long as I have X-band shut off (which I do), I only get K-band false alarms if I'm right near automatic opening doors in stores.

But for the most part I never use it in town, and only use it out on the highway. It's saved my bacon several times, especially driving out to Vegas. But I did get pulled over while using my detector a few weeks ago... driving on 5-south in Orange County at 1am. Didn't see the distinctive Crown Vic headlights in my rear view until it was too late. He paced me for a good 5 miles, which gave me time to discretely pull the detector off the windshield. Still got a ticket :\