Who Gets the Buzz Bump From Detroit?

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Going into The 2008 Detroit Auto Show, insiders and casual observers alike could be excused for thinking that... THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING! Yeah, that's how much fear and trembling there's been swirling around the car biz, what with the tanking dollar and all this talk about "Peak Oil" and the Ford Motor Company ignoring those dinnertime calls from from Visa and MasterCard. Still, a big event like this can't help but send a few lucky folks back to the assembly lines with the electric shiver of BUZZ in their spines. Because isn't that what the Detroit show is all about anyway?


So, readers, who do you think leaves Motown with the buzz bump? Was it GM with their stunningly un-embargoed Cadillac CTS Coupe concept reveal? Fisker with it's futuristic unveiling? Or was it the cluster of Chinese carmakers, who everyone likes to poke fun at, but who nonetheless leave Detroit with plenty of American major media ink to add to their PR portfolios (that is, once they hire some PR firms to put those together)? Please consult our cheat sheet and grading of the show if you need to refresh your memory.


Porsche, for not showing up!