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Even a Slant Six Couldn't Save It: 1966 Dodge Dart 270

Illustration for article titled Even a Slant Six Couldnt Save It: 1966 Dodge Dart 270

After two consecutive days of old Junkyard Find Dodges, we might as well see yet another one. It's a sign of how many 60s Chrysler A-bodies were manufactured (and how rugged they were) that you see more of them in the junkyard today than you do, say, 20-year-old Hyundai Excels. This one is a bit new to have the pushbutton shifter, but it's still packed with parts that will no doubt live on in another Dart, Valiant, or Barracuda.


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@pauln: Hmm, sure looks like the windshield. Ford started using safety glass in the 20s but I don't think it was law until much later.