2009 Ford F-350 Super Duty?

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Why yes, that is the largest pickup we've ever seen — if you don't count anything from International Trucks or the F-650, of course — it's what appears to be the 2009 Ford F-350 sporting some very light camouflage. In fact we kind of feel like the engineers are just messin' around with the corps one spy photographer making base camp outside the Dearborn Proving Grounds — basically showing off everything on the new big pickup from the Ford lineup including the salad shooter-like french fry makers on the front quarter-panels. Or maybe it's just a guy hoping to keep his big diesel engine warm. Full spy report from Brenda Priddy's pride of photographers after the jump.

Spied: The HUGEST Blue Oval Ever!

Ford is giving its F-Series Super Duty pickups minor appearance updates for the 2009 model year, as seen in this lightly camouflaged F-350.

Cosmetically, the 2009 Super Duty receives a much larger blue oval badge for the grille. It looks to be the biggest blue oval ever applied to a Ford vehicle, including Ford's medium duty truck products, like the F-650/F-750.

Aerodynamically, the 2009 Super Duty sports the deeper chin spoiler, which first appeared in January on 'Job 3' 2008 model year F-250, F-350, and F-450 trucks. It's part of Ford's efforts to give the Super Duty improved fuel economy.

Photo Credit: Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Co.


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I don't see why everybody's going "OMG ITS SO HUGE !!!!!!1111oneoneone" The Superduty is the same size it's been since '99 all Ford has changed is the interior accoutrements and the front sheetmetal. Heck, the doors will even bolt right up to my '00 F250 and look right.

These trucks also serve their purpose quite well, an F650 is way overkill for alot of hauling and rides so rediculously high it's USELESS as a pickup. Then there's the fact the F650's high GVW makes registration prohibitively expensive.

My '00 F250 4x4 doesn't ride any higher than my dad's '79 Bronco either, but having the running boards on my truck does help with getting in and out.