Rear-View Mirror GPS Eliminates Gadget Clutter

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Integrating a GPS navigation system in the rear-view mirror is an idea that will make any neat-freak happy. The MirrorPilot is the device that will eliminate unnecessary devices sitting on the dashboard or suctioned to the windshield. As a GPS receiver, it's pretty mediocre: limited traffic control, 2D and 3D maps, and audible instructions. A big downside has to be the size. By displaying the navigation information on a 2.2-inch screen, you need to squint if you want to reach your destination without getting lost or having an accident.

At $1,025, even the most anal of clutterhounds may decide to opt for a much cheaper, if a bit messier, standalone GPS navigation unit. [Navigadget]

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Ash78, voting early and often

1. Mount regular unit next to rearview mirror to prevent sightline blockage

2. Run power cord left, then down a-pillar

3. Hardwire into fuse box

Save $1,024 and keep your current GPS