Mine's GT-R Runs 59.4sec Lap of Tsukuba, Coming To US?

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No, I'm not saying that I personally have a Nissan GT-R. I'm talking about Mine's, the Japanese Tuner of Gran Turismo and Best Motoring fame. Recently, they brought their R35 GT-R with all the Mine's go-fast goodies to the Tsukuba Circuit to do some testing, and they left with a best lap of 59.367 seconds. To put this in perspective, a normal R35 GT-R will run a lap of about 1:02, and a new Mitsubishi Evo X or Subaru STi will do it in about 1:06. To run a sub-one-minute lap is a benchmark for turbo-crazed JDM tuners. Of course, with a notable lap time, there are always factors (weather, driver) that have little to do with the actual car. Either way, the Their's Your's Mine's GT-R is indeed an impressive piece of kit. They've upgraded the suspension, exhaust, brakes, intake, rear spoiler, and the computer chip. Still in development are parts to further aid the aerodynamics of the mirrors, hood, front canards, front spoiler and side outlets. And what's even better— we hear they're bringing it to the US.


All we've heard is that Mine's is bringing their white test car here next month. We're not exactly sure why this mega-Godzilla is coming to our shores, but we thought we'd give you a warning now, just in case things go terribly wrong and the monster destroys a city or eats a helicopter or something. [2009GTR.com][GT Channel]



@ash78: Yeah. It's kind of silly when you're paying 40k for two seconds. Granted, the GT-R has a lot more fancy gizmos and such for the price, but when its twin-turbo'd v6 is only 2 seconds faster than a single-turbo'd 4cyl boxer, you're really in the realm of diminishing returns.