Pininfarina Sintesi Concept Fully Revealed

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The slow strip tease is over and the Pininfarina Sintesi is finally unveiled for all to see. We first caught the Sintesi a couple of weeks ago when most of the conceptual mechanical details were set free, now we know what things really look like. Sporting not one, but two sets of scissor doors, the Sintesi is practically an homage to street racing hooligans everywhere. Granted the fuel cell and heads up display technology in the Sintesi makes the average bad custom car look like it was crafted in the stone age. We're looking forward to seeing the car when we head over to the land of chocolate and blonds for the upcoming Geneva Auto Show. []

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At least it has 'technologies that let the occupants interact with the car and the environment'. Oh thank god! I was worried that these eyes, mouth, hands etc. were going to go to waste. What a load of BS!