2009 BMW 135i Caught, Raced In Detroit

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Even thought we may have let the cat out of the bag on the viral marketing campaign, it seems somebody already has a 2009 BMW 135i sporting manufacturer plates from Jersey running around the frigid and salty streets of Detroit. When out and about today we snapped this one in a parking lot and to our luck it caught up to us on the way out. After a couple minutes in traffic, we both ended up on Woodward Ave and of course stop light pulls were the order of the day.

There we were mid day sun cutting through the crisp winter air, salt like a lick on the street surface, mano y mano. Brand new BMW 135i with a flappy paddle shifter versus '99 Audi A4 2.8 manual. Wisps of exhaust drifting in the breeze. Green. Wooooooooooooooosh! Clutch, shift, woooooooooosh, clutch, shift. We kept things civil and didn't go past the speed limit, but sweet merciful crap, that thing is fast. Honestly there was no chance to start, who are we to turn down a couple of runs? Do want.

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@Ben Wojdyla:

We too know they plate their cars out of New Jersey and if we know the plate number we can know roughly when the car was plated in New Jersey, and therefore made it over to the US since it is a standard New Jersey passenger plate of the type first issued last year (top image) which looks nothing like the New Jersey Vehicle

Vehicle Manufacturer plate that says "VEHICLE MFR" on the bottom (bottom image).