Fab Design Takes Benzes to Eleven In Tastelessness, Your Bank Account To Zero

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Just like in the movie Spinal Tap, Fab Design, a tuning company with seemingly no ability to stop once it gets rolling, took something which in principle is a good idea, and ran down a dark and occasionally hilarious path with it. Customizing already high-end Mercedes Benzs seems like it would be pretty tough, and finding ways to out-luxe ze Germans must be one hell of a tall and cumbersome order not easily attainable. How do we know? Well, we're pretty sure these cars are not actually better than that whence they started from, especially considering the price tag. More below the jump.


Lets just start with the naming of these modified automobiles. The tuned Mercedes Benz CL has been dubbed the "CL Widebody" while the up-pimped Mercedes Benz SL is the "Ultra Wing". Chew on those for a second. Now take a look at the polychromatic paint, wide body kits, deep dish color matched wheels, carbon fiber splitters and of course — alligator skin interior. Yeah we're not sure these quite suit our tastes. It doesn't really matter though because we don't have the right kind of scratch to play in this market. The Fab Design "Ultra Wing" goes for a cool 195,000€ ($296,439); while the "CL Widebody" clocks in at a stratrospheric 220,000€ ($334,000). Sadly, the CL is taken, but that SL is still on the market, so hop to it. Oh, and did we mention the CL bought at your local dealership has a starting sticker of $104,425 and an SL starts at a mere $96,000? That means you're paying three times sticker for — this?! This tuning has warped our fragile little minds.



@acarr260: I would especially favor the method of flinging them via trebuchet.

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