1940 Ford Coupe

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Here's a clean 1940 Ford Coupe that was put up for the Ridler Award at the 2008 Detroit Autorama. Owned by David Walsh out of Macon Georgia, this Ford would have probably done better any other year, because it's nearly a dead ringer for the '41 Willys we saw earlier. Deep black with a red leather interior, this one replaces the high rise intake and supercharger with eight single barrel throttle bodies with matching velocity stacks. Very nice effect and we're sure it sounds mean at full snort.


Rob Emslie

When did the hot-rodders start using the low-profile tires? These don't look like they'd last though a good burn out, much less a night at the strip. And, yes I know this car will NEVER do quarters, but still I thought you tubed your rod to fit those fatty-fat tires back there.