Factory Benzaminos For South Africa!

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Technically, the pickup truck version of the Mercedes-Benz 180D, built during the 1956-58 period for the South African market, wasn't a factory Benzamino (or should that name be Mercedampage, given the later association with Chrysler?), but we figure it's close enough for our purposes. 400 Mercedes-Benz 180Ds with no body behind the B pillar were imported to South Africa to have the beds installed locally, and they were promptly dubbed "Bakkies" by the locals. You can read about a Bakkie restoration project here, or wish for a time machine in order buy this one that just sold on eBay. [MBZPonton.org]

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Apparently a South African corrected me on the pronounciation of "bakkie". Apparently the proper South African pronounciation is (phoenetically spelled of course) bawk-ee. Damn steering wheel on the right hand side. At least Gibraltar has the steering wheel on the left hand side and drives on the right!