Batman's Daily Driver Is A Lambo, Would You Expect Anything Else?

Bruce Wayne is a ka-jillion-aire so you wouldn't expect him to have anything less than a Lamborghini as a daily driver. We first told you about Batman's Lamborghini LP640 a while back, but here is a quick view of it, at least in the toy form from the 2008 Toy Fair. If this little toy is a bit of a tease don't fret, the real beauty will be at a gala on Thursday at the New York Auto Show and we'll be there.


The Lamborghini LP640 isn't the only amazing vehicle in the upcoming Batman flick. The Joker is representing a big old truck, while Batman has a bike and his classic Tumbler. [MTV via WR]


Isn' that old Kitt's super duper hyper speed mode?


Time to learn some transforming tricks from Japanese toys.