Mustang Aussie: Ford To Focus On The Falcon, Not So Much Mercury

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We hear this AM that Ford's taking a page directly from GM's Aussie-loving playbook. Bryce Hoffman of the Detroit News, who's never met a job he couldn't hand-le when it comes to Ford, is reporting they're looking at bringing the rear-wheel-drive Falcon platform up from down under to provide the basis for the next Ford Mustang. In addition to the muscular two-door, it'll also be used for new sedans from the Ford and Lincoln brands — replacements for the Crown Vic and Lincoln Town Car — both scheduled to meet their demise come 2011. The only problem is, Auto Week reported this same thing like umm, in January. So we've got a more important question that Bryce has seemingly left unasked.


So what about Mercury? Good question — we've no clue, but we haven't seen any new product from the brand all about the heat in quite some time (wait, sorry, we mustn't forget the refreshed 2009 Mercury Mariner). We've also not heard of any new product coming down the development line. Oh FoMoCo, where art your Mercury brand? Who cares really, as long as that rear-wheel drive sedan looks like the Interceptor we saw at the Detroit Auto Show last year. [via Detroit News]


Rob Emslie

Ford has been pretty shrewd in their vehicle development by looking at existing partners platforms- Volvo for the Five Hundred/Taurus, Mazda for the Fusion/Edge, etc.

Looking to Australia for a RWD platform males sense based on this past experience. The downside is that all of Ford's cars - when introduced- are dynamically a couple of years old, and maintain the compromises of the donor vehicle, usually adding some Ford-specific cost compromises as well.

At this point I don't see a viable alternative for Ford, and their internal partner options are becoming fewer as they sell off both platform opportunities as well as engineering resources.

Eventually Ford will likely get swallowed up by a Toyota or Hyundai for the manufacturing and resource contract capabilities.