Murcie Me, Premier4509 Tweaks The Lamborghini Murcielago

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Though Lamborghini's Murcielago isn't exactly an automobile that needs much improvement, that hasn't stopped people from trying. Japan-based Premier4509 has launched a limited edition body kit for the Murcielago, for those who have $28,000 to spend on what in essence is a carbon fiber bumper, sidepods and adjustable rear spoiler. Wheels and exhaust tips are "coming soon." For a carbon fiber body addition, the touches are nice, avoiding the usual excesses. Of course, if you want to stand out you can just chrome the entire Murcielago like 50 Cent did with his. Photos and press release below the jump.

Premier4509™ Introduces Murcielago Design Package

Paramount, Calif. - (March 24, 2008). Premier4509™ announced that it will be developing a new line of products that have been created for performance luxury cars. The Premier4509 line launches with the performance based aero enhancement package for the Lamborghini Murcielago. The kit is limited to 300 sets worldwide and will feature a numbered serial plate. The complete package includes a full front bumper with the boxed bumper support system, side pods and a rear bumper with optional adjustable rear spoiler. The total price is an MSRP at $28,000.00
The team responsible for the Premier4509 line has been developing performance products for nearly twenty years, holds two world racing records and owns more than twenty design awards.
The pieces will be manufactured with a combination of composites made of Carbon Fiber and Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and will be hand crafted by a handpicked team of experienced technicians in Japan.
"The Murcielago is a difficult car to design with," said Hironoa Yokomaku, president of Premier4509. "The boxed bumper support system makes it tricky to elaborate on designs. This is why many other companies will only offer a front bumper skin or a lip spoiler. Our product quality is good enough to do it the right way and offer the full set up. "
The Premier4509 collection will expand this year to include more products for Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin, Maserati and more. The Premier4509 line will include limited edition wheels, soft goods and executive class accessories.


[Source: Preimier4509]

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Rob Emslie

I've often looked at the Mercielago and thought; that car needs to be more extroverted and outlandish. If only someone would come up with a body kit, oh say for under 30 grand, that would really make a statement. Looks like my prayers have been answered.

Has some new law been passed requiring all Lambos to be painted white?