1950 Dodge Pickup

After ogling the chromium curvature of the '53 Nash ornament (currently installed on a '57 Studebaker) in yesterday's Emblem and Hood Ornament Pr0n gallery, it occurred to me that Alameda has plenty of nice hood ornaments that you can see without going to a once-a-year car show downtown. You can see them parked Down On The Street, in fact. So, I've taken some of the nicer hood ornaments from past DOTS entries and put 'em together for your voting pleasure.

1953 Packard Cavalier

1976 Plymouth Volare

1957 Chevrolet Wagon

1950 Pontiac Chieftain

1975 Pontiac Grand LeMans

1959 Morris Minor

1947 Plymouth

1955 Plymouth Savoy

1972 Mercury Monterey