You know I was reaching for the camera in a hurry when this car loomed into my field of vision. This Plymouth is owned by the guy who has the Creamsicle '54 Ford we saw a while back, and I can say from firsthand experience that the copper paint job looks perfect when illuminated by streetlights after dark. The perfect mix of classic Detroit and postmodern irony. Something like that. Anyway, it looks very, very good, and it has suicide doors to boot!

This sailing-ship hood ornament- which I sure hope lights up- definitely contends with the 1950 Pontiac for our Best DOTS Hood Ornament Award. Hmmm... there's a poll idea...

It's got the visor, the low stance, the removal of some (though not all) of the trim. Is this Plymouth a rat rod? Not that I care about such labels, but it's a subject we've debated before without coming to a consensus.

The owner wasn't around when I shot these photos, but his wife stuck her head out the kitchen window and told me to go ahead and open the doors if I wanted to get better interior photos. I love this town!

This is a good height for this car; still drivable, yet not towering over the road at factory height.

This front end looks pretty bulky, maybe not quite measuring up to the graceful lines of the rest of the car; perhaps the grille from a '50 Plymouth might work on this car?

Fill in the holes left by the removed trim? Or not? I like this look, though there might be rust problems during Alameda's rainy winters.

The Plymouth sailing-ship theme is continued on this trunklid-mounted light. Leave the flashy jet planes, Indian heads, and flying nekkid ladies to the other cars!

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