We're not even sure where this should start. Perhaps the bottom three from each round? We did that last time and it seemed to work its Quattroporte self out. Meaning that from Round One we'll have the Maybach Excelero, Buick GNX and RUF RT12. The winners losers from Round Two are the DeTomaso Vallelunga, Citroen SM and BMW M Coupe. And yesterday in Round Three you decided the Chevy ZR-1, Honda 1300 Coupe 9 and Lamborghini LM002 are all not worthy. And as of typing this, the Porker 928 is just two votes behind the Lambo truck, so we'll throw it under the bus as well. All that fancy figurin' gives us an even 10 cars to vote against on Monday. Want to change some hearts and minds? Now's your chance. And good luck.