Today's first QOTD is humming along rather nicely, with most people over the mental-age of 12 advising Turboner to buy a house, while those that are under (hello!) are telling him and his wife to go for a third car. However, this afternoon's Question is a bit more basic: drive or eat? LamerX writes:

"Recently, I've begun a project on a car that has required me to spend larger sums of money than I originally intended. In order to get more money for car parts, I have been scrimping and saving every dollar I have. This means that I have been foregoing all the delicious food that I love in order to buy parts. Instead of buying good quality food, I've been eating all the free food I can (free donuts at work, stopping in at friends BBQs more often). This also means shopping at the local Grocery Outlet, and eating lots of ramen in order to bring the car I love to a state of good running and beauty more quickly. The problem is, I don't think this will stop, as there are always parts to be purchased!

So I guess the question is, what would people rather spend their money on? Parts for their car, or expensive food? Would you give up good food, even for a few months, just to get your project car going quicker?"

Boy, this is tough. I suppose it would depend on the car, which isn't mentioned.. But as Mr. X asks the more general question, "What would I give up," I have an answer. Yes, I would stop eating to get the RS4's 4.2-liter V8 into a Quattroporte III. You?