Despite TVR's continued drain-circling, or perhaps because of it, snapping up what is perhaps its finest motoring achievement for a princely sum almost seems a civic duty. It's the Cerbera Speed 12, a mad-hot version of TVR's top-of-mast producing 880 horsepower and enough torque to bore through to hell and wake the devil out of his Galaxy-Bar-and-Creme-de-menthe stupor. The V12-powered beast actually was fitted with the "mild" cam and conservative ECU mapping, according to Pistonheads, which in the long run is probably for the best for whomever owns it next. It's also the only road-legal version, and has been restored to the tune of $71,000, mainly on a new titanium rear end, by a TVR enthusiast. Test drive it today, in Gran Turismo 4, before we snap it up for the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage. (Thanks to Ben for the tip.) [Pistonheads]