Yes, the BMW 3-Series is a religion to many — a part of pop culture, a subculture. Heck, it's like Joseph Stalin or Kennedy — it's a cult of personality. And it also makes for a killer car commercial. In a world of watered-down attempts at humor and silly jingles — this 3-Series commercial stands out. It's an ad that's does what ads about cars with a history should be doing — drawing upon that history and the positive emotions associated with it to use to sell the present day car by showing us the new version of the ride with a clear white background — a lack-of-color representing the endless possibilities of the future. Don't get us wrong, it's no Ferrari Shell ad, and it's no Michael Bay Chevy ad — but it does succeed where many recent commercials have failed — it made our pulses quicken and lean forward to pay closer attention. What more does an advertiser want?