You Can Trust This Craigslist Poster, They're "Honest"

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All of a sudden it's cool to be straightforward in your Craigslist car posts. Yesterday, we had the VW Cabrio owner who admitted to smells due to fornicating in a very uncomfortable place. Today it's a 2004.5 VW Jetta GLI owner who is very "honest," so "honest" in fact that he actually put "honest" in quotation marks. That means either it's an actual quote ("Honest" - Peter Travers) or a case of the old punctuation "wink-wink." How do you know this person is "honest" and not going to rip you off? They work for a non profit children's foundation. There are about 16 other ways this is funny but we'll let you enjoy yourself below.

Can you identify all the things hilarious about this ad? (h/t Braff)[OC Craigslist]

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Jeff Glucker

@skyln95: But it was in the OC Craigslist so...

oh wait, nevermind... good point