It's called the World Cup of motorsport because teams represent their nations, not their constructors. It's A1GP, and officials just announced its engines will soon be burned with the prancing horse brand. Ferrari and A1GP signed a six-year deal that'll have Ferrari replacing Zytek as provider of V8 engines for the series, as well as consulting on chassis design, after the 2007/08 season. As part of the deal, the phrase 'Powered by Ferrari' will be added to A1GP merch starting in January 2008. It also includes the creation of a new, regional variant of the series, called A2GP, using less powerful V8 engines. No word on how many times Bernie Ecclestone punched his silk pillow when he found out Ferrari was expanding beyond the bounds of F1. [A1GP]

Press Release:

A1GP World Cup of Motorsport and Ferrari Announce Landmark Partnership

Ferrari to supply engines in long term A1GP partnership deal as well as consult on design and manufacture of chassis for new car in Season Four. Ferrari to supply engines to new A2GP Series in Season Five

London, Great Britain: A1GP Chairman, Tony Teixeira, has announced a truly historic and ground breaking partnership between Ferrari and the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport. Ferrari signed a six-year agreement to manufacture and supply all A1GP engines for this unique series and will consult on the design and manufacture of all A1GP car chassis for use in Season Four (2008/09).

The partnership with Ferrari extends to an exclusive licensing agreement for all A1GP merchandise to use the Ferrari name and phrase 'Powered by Ferrari' from January 2008.

Commenting on the momentous deal, Tony Teixeira said: 'Partnering with a world-class organisation like Ferrari will officially position A1GP as one of the most significant motorsport series' in the world.'


The introduction of A2GP was also announced today, a regional single-seat racing car series developed by A1GP to begin testing in 2009. Ferrari will be integral to the growth of the new series and will again supply all engines and consult on the design and manufacture of the new chassis.

A1GP also maintained its commitment to commercial partners and fans as a principal factor in confirming the partnership. 'Ferrari will add significant value to our brand and in our opinion there is no better partner to progress the series,' adds Mr Teixeira.

'We will be meeting with our commercial partners over the next few weeks to discuss the multitude of exciting opportunities that this partnership presents.'

Finally Tony Teixeira notes; 'Ferrari has a global presence through its dealer network. We will be working closely with them to ensure that they are a part of every A1GP World Cup of Motorsport event.'