Today's runner up was a great one, but perhaps a bit too easy. From Laura's announcement that she's to appear on Maxim Radio, commenter B opined, "There's something wrong with the world if Ray is on TV and Laura is on the radio. That's just not right." Amen. Moving on, it's been like a Transformers movie around here today. Robocars are everywhere. Like anything, we found some of the designs to be ultra fantastic, while some left us frostbitten and depressed. One that caught our eye was Mercedes' effort, the SilverFlow. Just because that's how cars ought to look in 50 years. Though I still argue that all modern cars should look at least as nutso as an Audi R10 and that within 10 years everything should be rocket powered. And flying. Of course, where do our visions of the future come from? Somebody, somewhere, somehow is putting the assumptions into our puny brains. And today's winning Commenter thinks he knows who...

Yup. today is all Danio, all the time::

"All I can think of when I keep hearing "Robocar" is a 1987 Taurus painted flat black with a push bar on the front.

Damn you Paul Verhoeven for tainting my dreams of the future."

Really, we couldn't have said it any better.