We've always had a soft spot for Kentucky. First off, the place is beautiful with a capital Utiful. Second, we love bourbon and are by happenstance enjoying a delightful glass of Black Maple Hill 14-Year-Old presently. Third, Bowling Green is in Kentucky and that's where the Corvette is made, and Jalopnik hearts Corvettes. So it should come as no surprise that State Rep. C.B. Embry wants to make the 'Vette the official sports car of Kentucky. Why not the official car? Well, he does love the 900 jobs that Corvette manufacturing provides to the state, but being a politician, Embry is acutely aware of the thousands of other jobs Ford and Toyota bring to the Bluegrass State. If nothing else, this is the first Republican backed anything that we've agreed with since Goldwater. [The Courier-Journal]