Fifty years from now, at least as projected in Mercedes-Benz's entry for this year's Design Los Angeles, parking won't be an issue for Merc drivers. That's because cars like the SilverFlow concept will be built from micro-metallic particles that can be assembled and disassembled by way of magnetic energy. That means instead of garages, we'll be able to park our cars in duffel bags. When drive-time comes, reassembly will be a matter of pushing a button on a smart key fob and getting the hell out of the way. Plus, the idea of cars returning to the look of 1930s Grand Prix racers will totally add a whole Fritz Lang vibe to the future. Maybe we'll even have those cool electric-arc gadgets in our home laboratories. [Design Los Angeles]

Press Release:

Mercedes-Benz SilverFlow
The Mercedes-Benz SilverFlow utilizes micro-metallic particles that can be arranged via magnetic fields in many different forms based on pre-selected models. The vehicle, which can be completely dissembled into a pool of ferromagnetic material for easy storage, can adapt and transform its shape to best suit its required purpose.

The magnetic assembler, activated by a simple key fob, creates whatever vehicle its user needs. All of the programmed modes for the SilverFlow are inspired by the Mercedes Benz Grand Prix cars from the golden era of motorsports with distinct low slung shape, tall thin wheels and dramatic open-wheel design.

Any damage can be self repaired and any color/configuration/size is possible depending on the amount of source material available.

Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design of North America

Design Team:
Gorden Wagener
John Gill
Kevin Kang